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DeSoto Domestic Violence Advisory Commission

• Comprised of seven members appointed by the City Council to serve a maximum of two three-year terms. The Commission will also have two members from the DeSoto Police and Clergy (DPAC) and one member from DeSoto Independent School District.

• Provides advice and recommendations to the City Council and DeSoto Police Department on how to improve the city’s response to violence against victims, with a specific focus on successful interventions with children and teens who are witnesses to and/or victimized by domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault.

• Brings together experts, advocates, researchers and criminal justice professionals for the exchange of innovative ideas and the development of practical solutions to address and prevent domestic violence. With over 600 domestic phone calls received per year to the DeSoto Police Department, the DeSoto Domestic Violence Advisory Commission has the goal of eliminating domestic violence in totality in the city.


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